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"My #1 recommendation for hair extensions is the newest and best method 

available, with the least amount of damage, they are called

 "Natural Beaded Rows"

Taught and trained by Danielle White of

(This is very similar to Micro Beaded Wefts, but stays even better and lays

 flatter on the scalp.)

I offer a full set of hair extensions that ads length and thickness starting at 

only $649! This includes 2 rows,. Or $339 (for 1 row.)

This includes one bag of new 18 inch hand tied hair from LACEDHAIR.COM (The highest quality of human Remi hair,) the installation and a free haircut to blend. This is hundreds of dollars less than other stylists!

 " I have done thousands of hair extensions in my long and successful career. I have learned every hair extension method on the market, and worn them all myself and I have chose to

 feature N.B.R. extensions for a reason. 

I guarantee you'll have the amazing hair you've always wanted!"


What Are N.B.R. Hair Extensions? 

Click here to learn more!

( I am a very successful and experienced stylist, , but with 4  children,  I don't have time to make my own  videos.  Danielle has many informative videos on the N.B.R. 's that I offer.)

"I have specialized in Hair extensions for 15 of my 20 years.

I highly recommend N.B.R. Extensions over any other method 

that has ever existed for many reasons....

*They look flawless in the hair and are virtually undetectable!    

*They flow naturally and don't slip out of your hair  

 * They are the least damaging to hair 

* There are no sticky residues or glues 

 * Gives you the ability to grow your hair out! 

(Unlike other methods that break hair and 

prohibit growth.) 

 * They are cost effective and customizable for every hair type and length that is past the chin. 
* They only take 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hrs to re tighten (depending if you get 1 row or 2. )

* Instantly ads length, thickness or color pop

" Feel free to come in for a FREE CONSULTATION so I can show you the hair and talk with you about which option is best for you and your needs.

I will thoroughly answer any & all of your questions with honesty in what I have found in my many years of specializing in Extensions.

I only use 100% real Remi Hair Extensions. I Use '"laced Hair hand tied wefts. I have found it to be the highest quality of hair extensions available."


(These prices are for your first time when you are buying brand new hair, getting it 

installed, & get a FREE haircut to blend)

* Natural Beaded Rows $649

(Quote includes 1  bag of hair @ $450, then installation for 2 rows cost is almost 1/2 if only one row is needed)

* Bead Lock $5 Per Strand

(total costs for length & thickness is $600+)

* Tape Ins $19 Per 'Sandwich' Piece

(Total cost $700+)


(These prices are when you need to move your extensions back up to your roots at  6-8 weeks. This includes old extension removal,

re tightening them, installation & a FREE haircut when needed.)

*Natural Beaded Rows $99 per row

(Average price to re tighten N.B.R is $188 or $69 for one row)

*Natural Beaded Row 1/2 row $49

* Bead lock $1.50 Per Strand

(Average price to re tighten a full head of Extns $150)

* Tape Ins $9 Per Sandwich Piece

(Average price to re tighten Tape Ins is $175)


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