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This is a Brochure I made all about the Amazing

Brazilian Blowout.

I have learned 6 other Keratin treatments and was not happy with any of their results until I found 

the Brazilian Blowout.  This treatment will change your life for the better!

My Story:

"Until I personally started getting a Brazilian Blowout on my hair, it was always breaking and It wouldn't grow past a certain length.  After I did this amazing treatment, not only was my hair incredibly smooth soft and healthy. but I no longer needed to flat iron my hair! (Results will vary depending on your amount of curl. my hair is wavy and frizzy naturally.) After having the B.B. and no longer needing to damage it with heat to get my hair smooth, I was able to finally get me hair to the middle of my back and its never looked better! 

Thanks to the B.B. I have healthier, shinier smoother, frizz free hair, that takes me less time to do! This service has changed my life and so many of my clients! I fully guarantee this amazing service, I cant live without it!"


Please note, my prices have increased an average of $20 due to increasing product costs 

(If you would like to see this brochure enlarged on your screen, hold the Ctrl button & push the plus key and it will show up larger. hold Ctrl and minus to go smaller.)

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